The Beauty Of Our Bespoke Tailoring Is That Everything Is Possible And That Any Request Can Be Met.

The wonderfully individual journey of true bespoke

The Wonders of True Bespoke Experience

The journey starts with an in-depth assessment of your exact requirement. Zooming in on your psyche and what colors, patterns, fabrics and cut will best suite your unique physique and the occasion.

When together we decide on the direction, we proceed with creating the “Patron”, that is the building block of your Bespoke Suite.

We create it to achieve the perfect cut of the fabric which, in the handmade tailoring process, will breathe life into your Custom Made suit;  The same goes for your Custom Made Shirts. Nemer Saade oversees the whole process from the preliminary meeting to assess requirements, to the making of the patron, the selection of threads, linings, buttons and the assignment of the tailor that will craft the Handmade buildup of the piece.

The process is daunting, demanding and extremely details sensitive. But our passion turns it into an act of love to the trade and to each individual client we serve. A moment of pride and achievement witnessing the birth of a sur mesure Jacket, trouser, shirt and suit that bestow a sense of deep satisfaction to the client.

Cloth selection and cutting

Going through the selection of fabrics for your Custom Made jacket, Made to Measure Tuxedo, Bespoke suit or handmade shirt is an enjoyable yet time consuming experience as we offer many textiles produced by renowned manufacturers that are not limited to: Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna. But with the expert advice of Nemer Saade, the number 1 male fashion designer in Lebanon and the Arab region, we always arrive to the best match between style, occasion and fabric.

The fabric travels to the master pattern maker and cutter. A phase that is most crucial in the process of Bespoke.

After you have chosen the cloth, it is delivered to our atelier and is traced out and cut by hand, creating all the individual panels for the garment. Extra cloth is purposefully added at the inlays to allow the suit to be altered later if needed. That is because a Nemer Saade suit is an investment – an investment that we expect to last exceedingly longer than something bought ready-made.

Our clients typically prefer the Nemer Saade style: Our silhouette features a nipped waist with appropriate shoulder padding and high armholes. The Nemer Saade silhouette delivers a classic shape, providing balance and proportion and enhancing the body’s natural outline


To ensure quality, durability, finesse and overall look, and after the initial cut of the main fabric, we carefully select the needed material for tailoring. All under the direction and careful eyes of Nemer Saade. This guarantees the delivery of the distinctive Nemer Saade silhouette.


After trimming the suit, the garment is assigned to the best tailor, whose expertise will ensure that the Bespoke garment is flawless. Only when the tailor is entirely satisfied does he begin sewing and piecing it together. The suit is then canvassed by hand and readied for the first fitting. Each client gets his own highly skilled and experienced tailor who is well versed on how best to make up his pieces.

First Fitting

The first fitting enables Nemer Saade and the master tailor assigned to your custom made suit, to inspect the piece and introduce refinements when needed.


After the first fitting, the garment is completely taken apart, pressed and re-cut, taking in to account any necessary adjustments. At Nemer Saade, each time this is done your master pattern is changed, which will in turn change the bespoke suit pattern used for any future garments. It is a constantly evolving process, time-consuming and done by hand, but one that assures that you get what you desire and works best on you at any given moment. 

Once marking up has been done to the cutter’s satisfaction, the suit is given back to the tailor to be prepared for the second fitting. Your assigned tailor will then again observe the pattern for any imperfections before the suit is canvassed by hand ready, for your next visit.

Second fitting

Because we pay immense attention to each and every detail, the second fitting guarantees perfect fit of the handmade jacket, trouser and shirt to your body. Upon completing the second fitting, the master tailor proceeds to the finishing phase and readying the piece.

Final Fitting

The bespoke suit is dismantled again to make the final alterations. When the suit is ready to be put back together and finished by hand, a tailor will make the button holes. The collar and sleeves are sewn in, and the felling and edge stitching are completed.

It is here that the renowned Nemer Saade Silhouette takes its final form. As the tailor finishes the suit inside and out, a one-of-a -kind garment is created, giving you a unique look.

The entire finishing process is done at the Nemer Saade premises in Saifi, where you will return to see the finished suit as a whole for the first time, at the imperative final fitting.

A groom’s wedding suit is a distinguished statement of elegance for his special day. An executive’s made to measure apparel shines his personal brand and every man’s bespoke clothing lets him radiate confidence and style. This is what we deliver at Nemer Saade House of Bespoke.

Final Fitting Delivery

The passionate and swiss clock precision of our tailoring process is the reason behind the fame of our bespoke suits, trousers and shirts. The Bespoke process, from the initial pattern making, cloth cutting and trimming onto the several phases of alterations and fittings, comes to an end following the finishing process when you try on your finished tailor made suit.

Each bespoke suit is numbered and logged, enabling us to bring in materials to repair or alter the suit at a later stage. We advise the client on how to care for the suit as well as how to maintain its shape.

Your final individual master patterns are saved for a faster future experience

“We design for individuality and execute with extreme attention to quality and detail. Only then can we rise up.