The Bespoke Journey

The beauty of our bespoke tailoring is that everything is possible and that any request can be met.

Everything Starts With you

We start by understanding you, by understanding your personal brand and the image you wish you to project.  Then we create your unique pattern based on your unique measures, minimal discrepancies in your posture and structure, where each notation is then transferred to your own bespoke pattern.



After we get to know you, we will help select the cloth that best suits you from our wide range of luxurious samples that meet your particular style and desires. And the result will be a garment that is so unique to you.

Cloth Selection​

We offer you an extensive range of materials, with a wide range bespoke cloth collection. With our help, we will selects the cloth, keeping in mind the style envisioned, such as a two or three-button single breasted coat or a four or six-button double breasted coat.

Building Your Patterns

When the cloth is delivered to our atelier, the paper pattern is laid out on the cloth and chalked around. The cloth is then cut by hand, creating all the individual panels for the garment. At this stage, our master cutters purposely leave extra cloth at the inlays to allow the suit to be altered at a future date should your weight change. That is because a Nemer Saade suit is an investment—one that we expect to last a good deal longer than something bought ready-made

Putting Together

After the trim has been added to the suit, your garment will be assigned to a master tailor, who will use his experience and training to observe the pattern for the smallest imperfections. Only when he is entirely satisfied does he begins to sew it together. The suit is then canvassed by hand and readied for the first fitting.

First Fitting

During the first fitting, we begin to make alterations to enhance the garment structure and adapt it further to your posture.

Marking Up

After the first fitting, the garment is completely taken apart, pressed and re-cut, taking in to account any necessary adjustments. At Nemer Saade, each time this is done your master pattern is changed, which will in turn change the bespoke suit pattern used for any future garments. It is a constantly evolving process, time-consuming and done by hand, but one that assures that you get what you desire and works best on you at any given moment. 

Once marking up has been done to the cutter’s satisfaction, the suit is given back to the tailor to be prepared for the second fitting. Your assigned tailor will then again observe the pattern for any imperfections before the suit is canvassed by hand ready, for your next visit.

Second Fitting

At Nemer Saade, each fitting is treated like the first. Our bespoke process ensures that we carefully examine the garment during the fittings, looking for any imperfections to the harmonious manner in which the suit will eventually fits you.

During the second fitting, the cutter will check the previous alterations and amendments from the first fitting, all with an eye toward making all required further adjustments and refinements.

Next the specialist features of the suit are examined by Nemer Saade, inspecting the break over shoe, the seat of trouser, the drape, neck point and cuffs, to name only a few key points of inspection.


The suit is at long last ready to be put back together finished by hand. The most experience tailor will make the button holes for the signature Nemer Saade two-hole buttons. The collar and sleeves are sewn in, and the felling and edge stitching is completed

This is when the famous Nemer Saade silhouette takes its final form. As the tailor finishes the suit inside and out, he creates a one-of-a -kind garment that gives you a unique look.

Final Fitting

The suit is now ready for the final fitting. The client now tries on the finished suit, which is closely inspected and approved by the cutter.

Your suit will be numbered and logged, enabling us to source materials to repair any damage that might occur during daily wear. We will also advise you on how to best care for your suit and maintain its shape.

Your final individual master patterns are also saved with the extensive instructions and notations from the team, to create the foundation for any future Nemer Saade tailored garments.

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